I Watched in Horror as Afghanistan Fell

All those years and all those lives – did they amount to nothing?

Here we are just 3 days before the 20th anniversary of 9/11 and the Taliban are back in charge of Afghanistan. This is the same Taliban that aided and abetted al Qaeda, Osama Bin Laden, and Khalid Sheikh Muhammad, the masterminds of 9/11.

How demoralizing. And Biden got “elected” on bringing back norms. What a cruel joke.

Never in my life did I think I would see my government do so much harm to its own country and citizens. It’s only been eight months since President Trump left – only eight months since he made sure the Taliban, China, Russia, and Iran knew their place and didn’t dare to challenge him. In those eight months of Joe Biden’s watch, the Taliban, China, Russia, and Iran are more powerful than ever. Was it on purpose or was it incompetence? Does it matter?

Now we”re learning that China is considering taking over Bagram Airbase and all the weapons, planes, helicopters, tanks, and drones that Joe Biden left behind. Don’t try to convince me he left them there for the Afghan Army to use in protection of the country. Biden’s phone call to President Ghani telling him to convince the world that Afghanistan was stable and its army capable of holding off the Taliban, a fact Joe Biden acknowledged in that call was not true, tells us that is a lie.

China taking over Bagram would be even more catastrophic for the US than the Taliban’s retaking of Afghanistan. Monica Showalter at the American Thinker is right on the money:

Here’s the elephant in the room, though: the U.S. may well find itself in the unenviable position of having to go back to Afghanistan once the Taliban set themselves up as a base for more 9/11 attacks.  If they get one through (and of course deny it), it’s very likely the U.S. is going to have to go back in.  Not only will they have to face a U.S.-armed Taliban with $83 billion in U.S. equipment, abandoned there by the Biden administration, but they’ll face the prospect of a direct conflict with China, sitting there on our old U.S. Bagram Airfield base.

Imagine, al Qaeda being in a position to make more 9/11 style attacks here on American soil whenever they want from the protection of Taliban-controlled Afghanistan. How do we strike back when China is at Bagram?

The way Joe Biden withdrew from Afghanistan was a horror show, not only because of the chaos and the deaths of our 14 brave servicemen and women, but for reasons that have yet to come.

Breaking: Andrew Cuomo Resigns

Updated below.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo resigned in disgrace today following a report from the New York Attorney General’s office that confirmed he did in fact he sexually harass women in his office. It appeared Cuomo was going to try to hang on to his office with everything he had; however, it must have become clear that was simply not possible after the state assembly made it clear he would be impeached.

From WIVB:

ALBANY, N.Y. (WIVB) — Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced his resignation Tuesday following the release of a New York Attorney General’s Office report that said he sexually harassed multiple women.

Cuomo has been in office since 2011.

Lieutenant Governor Kathy Hochul will serve as Governor until the end of Cuomo’s term, according to NY’s Constitution, on December 31, 2022.

Lindsey Boylan, a former candidate for the Democratic ticket in New York’s 10th Congressional District, accused the governor of sexual harassment in December. She later published an extended account of the alleged harassment online.

Since the publishing of her article, more women have come forward with accusations of sexual harassment against the governor.

Charlotte Bennett, a former aide to Cuomo, claimed in an interview with the New York Times that the governor asked her if she was monogamous and if she had ever been with an older man.

Bennett said Cuomo told her he was “open to relationships with women in their 20s.”

Janice Dean must be relieved. No, Cuomo isn’t gone because of the 15,000 elderly he murdered, including both of her in-laws, but he is finally gone.

Now that he no longer has the protection of the governorship, he needs to be investigated and charged for the 15,000 elderly who were sent to their deaths in nursing homes.

Update: Watch video of Cuomo’s resignation:

America’s Ruling Elites Party Maskless While Forcing Everyone Else to Mask and Vaxx.

Where we live our kids, as of right now, won’t have to wear masks to school and we’re praying it stays that way. If you follow the science, it’s the only common sense decision.

But there is a faction of people out there who say they know better and that faction wants America’s kids to wear masks to go school and adults to mask and vaxx to have a job. In the major metropolitan areas of the United States, this faction is starting to get its way.

Who is this club called We Know Better Than You?

You know.

Of course you know.

This guy is the club president:


Remember him? That’s Barack Obama, former president of the United States, turned leader of the We Know Better Glitterati.

While the serfs are told to mask up and vaxx up if they want entry into American society, the lords and ladies of  the realm partied the night away – maskless and in some cases vaxxless– at Barack Obama’s beachfront mansion on Martha’s Vineyard, without a care in the world.

One member of the media elite attempted to defend Obama’s party, saying, “hey, they’re sophisticated”:

There is only one solution to all of this rank hypocrisy: resist. Listen to Senator Rand Paul.


Municipalities Should Not Acknowledge CDC’s Unconstitutional Eviction Moratorium

Landlords all over the country are struggling to make ends meet as renters have been living in their homes and apartments free of charge since the covid emergency measures were put in place back in 2020. The federal eviction moratorium has caused irreparable harm to landlords, especially the small landlords who have had to continue to pay their mortgages while their renters have been squatting in their properties even while many of those squatter have been getting the additional unemployment of up to $400 a week for months now.

The moratorium expired July 28, 2021, but Biden, after consulting with various constitutional scholars who told him in no uncertain terms that extending it was unconstitutional, decided he was going to do it anyway. On August 3rd he announced his intentions on national television. Did you ever think you would see a president tell the entire nation, “yeah, this is unconstitutional and it will be shut down by the Supreme Court, but until it gets shut down, I’m going to tell the CDC to go ahead with it anyway.” It was a brazen “screw you” to the nation regarding the oath of office he took on January 21.

Charles C. W. Cooke, writer at National Review, has advice for all Americans: defy the order.

The appropriate response to publicly confessed lawlessness is calm refusal. As soon as possible, state governors, legislatures, and courts should make it clear that they intend to follow the law as set by the Supreme Court, rather than the “law” as set by the arrogations of the director of the CDC. To a man, landlords should follow suit, as should every public and private institution connected to the management of private rentals. 

Eviction laws are written, passed, and enforced on the municipal level, not the federal level, which means municipal judges could not possibly acknowledge the CDC’s authority regarding evictions because it does not have any. Period.

Charles is right. Every landlord and municipal judge in the country has the legal authority to tell the CDC to pound sand and they should.

Joe Biden used private email while he was vice-president

You learn the truth about Democrats’ corruption exclusively from foreign news sources these days because American news sources are, for the most part, DNC-controlled and used to promote Democrats and harm their opponents.

From the Daily Mail in the UK:

Joe Biden used various private email addresses from which he would sometimes send, receive and forward government correspondence according to emails found on Hunter Biden’s laptop.

The concerns over the use of a private e-mail server could represent a conflict of interest and the services are also more prone to hacking than secured government accounts.

Biden is said to have used various pseudonyms including ‘Robin Ware,’ ‘Robert L. Peters’ and ‘JRB ware’.

Two things that we have to worry about. One, all of the Vice President’s emails are required to be part of the government record so they can be accessed quickly, which is why government employees are only supposed to use government email. Since Joe used private emails, many communications between others and him are hidden from public scrutiny as they can only be released by him or the others on the email chain. Two, private email servers are notoriously insecure, so we now have to ask how many other countries besides China, Russia, and Iran have Joe Biden’s emails.

Read the rest at the Daily Mail.

Breakthrough COVID infections growing

There’s a big push going on by pro-vaxxers to force the anti-vaxxers to get the jab. What’s happening is that the pro-vaxxers are blaming the rise in COVID cases on the unvaxxed; however, that’s not what’s actually happening. More and more fully vaccinated people are getting infected.

You have probably heard about the six fully vaccinated Democrats from Texas who are part of the contingent who fled to DC to avoid voting on new state voting laws getting infected. However, you may not have heard about the 5100 new breakthrough COVID cases and 80 deaths in Massachusetts.

You’ve probably not heard about this either:

Three quarters of Singapore’s COVID-19 infections in the last four weeks were among vaccinated individuals, government data shows, as a rapid ramp-up in the city state’s inoculations leaves fewer people unvaccinated.

Singapore has already inoculated nearly 75% of its 5.7 million people, the world’s second highest after the United Arab Emirates, a Reuters tracker shows, and half its population is fully vaccinated.

Three quarters of its entire population has been vaccinated and three quarters of their new COVID cases are vaccinated? This is not a selling point to get those who are vax resistant to get the vaccine.

On top of that, according to Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin, 84% of newly infected COVID patients in Israel are also vaccinated individuals:

I just received this morning data out of Israel. That shows the population is about 84% vaccinated. But the new cases of COVID in Israel are about 84% with vaccinated individuals. It certainly is looking like the Pfizer vaccine is not working with the Delta variant.

This is a crazy high number. It’s so high I can’t help wondering if those with natural immunity fare better against reinfection or infection from variants than the vaccinated do.

In my mind having natural immunity is better than synthetic immunity. When you are exposed to a virus, your body does what it’s supposed to and creates antibodies to fight the virus. Then it remembers and stores those antibodies so that you never get infected with that same virus again. That’s natural.

This synthetic immunity, however, is completely different. The COVID vaccine is created with a synthetic viral MRNA that is supposed to teach your body how to create the antibodies without ever coming into contact with the virus itself. In other words, according to Kaiser Permanente, this is how they work:

Most traditional vaccines inject an inactivated or weakened (attenuated) virus into the body to trigger an immune response. For example, the annual flu vaccine uses an inactivated virus. The vaccines for measles and chickenpox use a live attenuated virus.

The mRNA vaccines teach our own cells to make a piece of the spike protein that is unique to the coronavirus, and that causes the body to have an immune response.

How do they teach our cells to do this? What technology is involved? The human body is very complex. Scientists should not be fiddling with our cells and immune systems.

We’ve never had a vaccine like this one before, which is why the FDA only allowed it to be approved for emergency use only. It could take years before it’s fully approved, but with the large numbers of vaccinated individuals getting the virus and the numbers of injuries and deaths from the vaccine outright, I hope it doesn’t get full approval at all.

Update: Twenty seven fully vaccinated people in Tennessee have died from COVID.  This is out of the more than 1000 breakthrough cases in that state.

Democrat drops effort to overturn election in the House

Yesterday, Iowa Democrat Rita Hart dropped her challenge to the House race she lost. She and Nancy Pelosi had planned to overturn the election through the Committee on House Administration, but enough members of the Democrat caucus saw the hypocrisy of it all and made it clear they would not be on board:

Hart has been trying to use the Committee on House Administration to overturn the state certified election in the Second Congressional District of Iowa.

This would have posed an uphill battle, as Democrats have started to back away from the partisan efforts. Breitbart News reported earlier this week, as many as nine Democrats have come forward to defect.  Moderates would have had to go on the record to vote for or against the efforts if Hart’s attempt were to pass the Committee.

Hart wrote in a press release, “after many conversations with people I trust about the future of this contest, I have made the decision to withdraw my contest before the House Committee on Administration.”

Finally, some sanity in Washington DC. Nancy Pelosi’s efforts to steal a House seat right out from underneath the Iowa voters was just too much for her fellow Democrats who saw it for what it was, political theft.

Nancy Pelosi rubbed people the wrong way when she addressed the issue the other day and said she had every right to not seat Rep Miller-Meeks on opening day if she wished because she has the right to seat or unseat anyone she wishes:

Then she went on to say she wanted credit for not denying Rep. Miller-Meeks her seat, because as Queen of the House she could have done just that:

Queen Nancy wants a pat on the back and an ‘atta girl for not blowing up the democratic process and just seating whoever she wants in every seat.

Nancy Pelosi is why we need congressional term limits.

Vaccine passports “end of human liberty in the west”

Naomi Wolf was on The Next Revolution with Steve Hilton last night. She outlined in no uncertain terms that vaccine passports will bring about “the end of human liberty in the West.” I have no doubt she’s right. As I said at the end of the previous post, these vaccine passports are nothing more than the Chinese Communist Party’s social credit system.


Vaccine passports are a violation of every limit that our Constitution places on the US government. Virtually every single freedom as outlined in the Bill of Rights will be cut down. Your entire digital life will be under government observation and control if these are allowed to roll out.

Consequently, this will be decided at the US Supreme Court because it has to be. The very idea must be shot down with the strongest language possible so as to leave no room whatsoever for something like this to be ever considered at any point in the future.

In the mean time, contact your representatives and senators at both the federal and state level and demand that they stop this vaccine passport in its tracks right  now.

Biden-Harris Administration pushing vaccine passports

Democrats insist requiring ID to vote is racist, but they have no problem demanding we reveal our medical vaccine history to complete strangers. It’s offensive, an invasion of individual privacy rights, and a violation of every principle of individual freedom and liberty on which the United States of America was built.

The Supreme Court of the United States will have to weigh in on this one:

The program is being lead by the Department of Health and Human Services, which has formed an office devoted to health information technology. The White House has taken a larger role coordinating this effort, which is being led by coronavirus coordinator Jeff Zients. Officials say an announcement could be coming out in the next few days.

“Our role is to help ensure that any solutions in this area should be simple, free, open-source, accessible to people both digitally and on paper, and designed from the start to protect people’s privacy,” said Zientas at a briefing in March.

“If it became a government mandate, it would go down a dark road very quickly,” said Brian C. Castrucci, who leads the de Beaumont Foundation. “It becomes a credential. It becomes a ‘needing your papers,’ if you will. That could be dangerous — and it could turn off people.”

That’s an understatement. We’re careening toward an oppressive police state, no matter if it is implemented by corporations or government.

Governor of Florida Ron DeSantis has already said Florida will not participate in a vaccine passport program. Governors of other free states will follow. Eventually, America will be broken up into free states and passport states. Those who live in free states will be free to move about as they wish without anyone bothering them, while those in passport states will be required to prove on demand that they’ve been vaccinated. The result will be that those who are not vaccinated, or who refuse to be, will be prevented from participating in public life.

This is nothing more than the Chinese Communist Party’s social credit system in America. It must be rejected.