Joe Biden says he will run for re-election in 2024

Joe Biden finally held his first press conference today. It’s the longest any American president has gone without giving one. In the middle of his rambling answers, he said he plans to run for re-election in 2024. Joe turns 79 soon. In November 2024 he’ll be 82. He’s already foggy, confused, and loses his train of thought mid-sentence regularly. In fact, he had one of those moments in the middle of the conference:

His gaffes, confusion, fogginess, and tendency to wander off are legendary, so you’re probably asking yourself how is he going to run for re-election in three years when the campaign season gets started if he’s struggling now? Easy. The same way he ran in 2020: he won’t. He’ll stay home while the media does all the campaigning for him and the corrupt leftists steal the election, guaranteeing him a win.

Joe’s re-election plans may surprised a lot of people because two days ago the White House elevated Kamala Harris to equal billing when it sent out an email saying it’s now the Biden-Harris Administration. This got people thinking whoever is running things behind the scenes are working to transition Kamala to the presidency. I’m not sure that’s the case. Why would those who are pulling the shots with Biden give the White House to Kamala, a person they can’t control?

No, I think those who are pulling Joe’s strings like it right where they are and don’t plan on going anywhere. They’ve got massive power with zero accountability. Joe Biden could be in a nursing home. He could be a freaking hologram. They don’t care. All they care is about is keeping their unchecked power that lets them implement their communist policies. A puppet like Joe gets them there.

Unless the red states really get their election houses in order and put a stop to the fraud that took place in 2020, Biden will win again, and he won’t even have to leave the White House. Or the nursing home.

It’s the Biden-Harris Administration now

The White House sent out a memo to all federal agencies announcing that the Biden Administration is to be called the Biden-Harris Administration from now on. All agencies have been instructed to make the necessary changes to reflect that. RF Angle reports this was revealed by the site Outspoken:

A leaked email from an employee of a federal government agency reveals the White House is shifting toward a communication strategy that seeks to elevate Vice President Kamala Harris in all official White House business.

The directive, the employee reports, came from a top White House communications team member and instructs all agencies to refer to the Biden administration as the “Biden-Harris Administration” in place of the “Biden Administration.”

“Please be sure to reference the current administration as the ‘Biden-Harris Administration’ in official public communications,” the directive reads, with “Biden-Harris Administration” accented in bold.

According to RF Angle, the White House Twitter account already reflects this change, as have all 15 agencies’ websites.

I still can’t get over that the White House Twitter account only has 5 million followers. Yikes! Anyway, with this email, the White House has in essence announced it has demoted Joe Biden and promoted Kamala Harris, which is quite odd since it is Joe Biden who is supposed to be in charge of the White House. Did Joe demote himself? He didn’t make this announcement himself; rather, it was sent out quietly via email. This move only validates the concerns many have about Joe’s inability to perform the duties of president of the United States.

No vice president has been given equal billing with the president and there are reasons for that. One, the top of the ticket is the draw, the person people actually vote for. Two, the president is the one who is not only the chief executive but is also the commander in chief. These jobs are not possible to share, so who will do them? Biden or Harris? Three, the job of president is by far the most demanding job in US government and the most demanding in the world because of the United States’ position of the world’s economic and military super power. Who are world leaders supposed to think is in charge?

There is significant reason to be concerned that all is not well at the White House. Every time Joe makes any public statements, he appears lost and in a fog of confusion. He routinely asks his handlers what he is supposed to be doing and when. These are not actions of a man who knows he’s running the show. As you can imagine, the announcement that it’s now the Biden-Harris Administration has tongues wagging that Harris is being elevated is in preparation for her eventual transition to president.

Democrat lawyer says Democrats in House have authority to overturn Iowa election

A few weeks a go I wrote about the Democrats’ effort to unseat the Republican winner of an Iowa House race so they could seat the Democrat loser instead.  According to the Epoch Times, the effort is moving forward, as Marc Elias, the Democrat attorney for Democrat candidate Rita Hart, argued in a brief to the House Administration Committee that the House has the authority to overturn the election without the parties having to exhaust all legal remedies in Iowa courts first:

Elias says that neither the Federal Contested Elections Act (FCEA) or any other rule adopted by the House required Hart to first bring a contest in state court.

“The plain language of the FCEA does not require a contestant to exhaust all state remedies before filing a notice of contest—a notable omission, given that Congress routinely includes statutory exhaustion requirements in other contexts. The Committee should not read into the FCEA an exhaustion requirement where none exists,” the lawyer argued on Monday.

“Moreover, there is no uniform requirement found in House precedent that a contestant must exhaust every possible state judicial remedy before filing a notice of contest. Indeed, such a requirement would directly intrude upon the House’s constitutional mandate to judge the elections of its members,” he added.

Democrat Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House, will take this argument and run with it. She’ll move forward with her scheme to oust the Republican and seat her fellow party member so she can increase her very slim majority.

I argued in my earlier post that if Nancy and the Democrats succeed in overturning this contested election, they will overturn every contested election in their favor as long as they are the party in power. Elias argues himself that the House has a “constitutional mandate to judge elections of its members.” So of course the Pelosi will seize on that and take this “mandate” far as she can so to consolidate as much power as possible, so she can choose who represents Americans instead of American voters themselves.

Kamala Harris talks empowering women with… Bill Clinton

The Daily Caller is reporting that Kamala Harris is hosting an event where she is going to sit down one on one to talk about empowering women, not with another woman who has reached the pinnacle of success in her chosen profession, but with a man.  Bill Clinton to be precise.

Of all the men in the world, she thought the very best choice to talk women’s empowerment was Bill Clinton? The same Bill Clinton who had an affair with a very young subordinate while president, sexually harassed Paula Jones and Kathleen Willey, and raped Juanita Broaddrick? Ms. Broaddrick even wrote a very detailed book about what Bill Clinton did to her. You should check it out. Clinton was also a close friend with Jeffrey Epstein and a frequent guest on his Pedo Island. The Daily Caller has details on that:

Clinton was also close associates with convicted pedophile and sex-trafficking billionaire Jeffrey Epstein. Clinton has remained largely silent regarding the flights that he took on Epstein’s private jet, which reportedly offered passengers young girls for sex.

In January 2020, the U.S. Sun published an article that showed a photo of Clinton standing on Epstein’s plane with a young girl, Chauntae Davies, who is mentioned by the Sun to have been Epstein’s “sex slave.” Additional photos of the president with Epstein’s victims, including one of Clinton receiving a shoulder rub, have since been leaked.

Not only is she having a tete-a-tete with sexual predator Bill Clinton on “empowering women,” but she still hasn’t said one word about the increasing number of sexual harassment charges (I think it’s up to eight now) levied against New York governor Andrew Cuomo, in spite of her insistence that “we must believe all women.”

I can’t wrap my head around the misogyny.

Trump hating radical Islamist murders Americans in Boulder

From the moment the news hit that there was an active killer at a Boulder, Colorado grocery store, Democrats and media hit Twitter to declare it was a white male Trump supporter who had done it. They didn’t have any evidence of that, just their own racism and prejudice toward white Trump supporters.

Well, let’s just say they were as wrong as wrong could be.

The murderer was a Trump hating, Biden supporting radical Islamist:


If you have access to Twitter, I suggest you read Caleb Hull’s thread of all the blue check leftists declaring that the shooter was a Trump supporting, white supremacist man. It’s a real doozy.

Leftist Democrats project their sins onto their political enemies. They call conservatives racists and domestic terrorists to deflect because that’s who they are.  They organize all of society into boxes based upon race. Their reaction to the Boulder shooting is just one more example of it.

So, how is it could another Islamic terrorist incident have happened? As per usual, the FBI knew who this guy was and, just like all the other times, did nothing. Once again, the federal government failed the American people. The best source for updates on what the government knew about the killer and when they knew it is in Jack Posobiec’s twitter feed. His contacts are amazing.

On top of all that, Ahmad Al-Issa came over from Syria through the Obama/Biden asylum program ( just like the Boston bombers, but they were from Kyrgyzstan), and apparently was radicalized over here. Be sure to listen to Raheem Kassam’s podcast from earlier today in which he asks “Did the media radicalize Ahmad Al-Issa?

For months, all we’ve heard from the Biden administration, the FBI, DOD, DHS, and media is that the gravest threat to the American people are racist right wing extremists, which is their definition of Trump supporters. Is it any surprise they missed the homicidal Trump hater?

Al-Issa’s family is trying to say it wasn’t his fault by claiming he has mental health issues. But get this nugget:


Big name Democrats call on Andrew Cuomo to resign

It has been said by several people, and I agree with them, that Democrats and media are focusing on the sexual harassment claims against Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York because they are great cover for the Covid nursing home deaths he’s responsible for. Should Cuomo go down for those deaths (as he should), then additional Democrat governors, including Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan and Tom Wolf of Pennsylvania, could be on the hook as well because they too forced elderly Covid patients into nursing homes. Imagine how devastating it would be politically for the Democrat Party if four or five Democrat governors of large states were to go down on charges of criminal negligence for the deaths of tens of thousands of grandmas and grandpas.

Because Cuomo’s death numbers are the highest and, therefore, have attracted the greatest attention, the Democrats want him gone to protect the other governors. The thinking is if he’s gone, then everyone will forget Covid nursing home deaths and political catastrophe will be averted. Hence, the attention on the sexual  harassment cases.

Pressure has been building on Cuomo to resign, which he said he will not do, but today we have learned from Newsmax that some big name Democrats have called on Cuomo to resign:

The top congressional Democrat, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer of New York, and fellow New York Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand issued a short, blunt statement Friday, saying Cuomo needs to resign.

It read as follows: “Confronting and overcoming the COVID crisis requires sure and steady leadership. We commend the brave actions of the individuals who have come forward with serious allegations of abuse and misconduct. Due to the multiple, credible sexual harassment and misconduct allegations, it is clear that Governor Cuomo has lost the confidence of his governing partners and the people of New York. Governor Cuomo should resign.”

Cuomo has been accused by multiple women — seven so far — of sexual misconduct, including unwanted flirting and touching.

Can he survive now that the two US senators from New York, Senators Schumer and Gillibrand, have demanded his resignation? What if the entire New York delegation demands it?

It’s pretty amazing how Cuomo’s sexual harassment charges cause more coverage by media and demands by politicians to resign than his causing the deaths of tens of thousands of elderly New Yorkers (and lying about it).

Life is cheap on the left side of the aisle, it seems.

Joe Biden is responsible for the tsunami of illegal immigration over our southern border

I honestly don’t think Joe Biden has any say about anything going on in the White House. He is nothing but a puppet, signing whatever documents his Leftist handlers place in front of him. Nonetheless, his name is at the top of the letterhead, so the buck stops with him.

One of the executive orders Leftists had Biden sign in the first days was the rolling back of President Trump’s border security apparatus that was working very well to stop a tsunami of illegal immigrants and drug and human traffickers from flowing over our southern border.

Now that the Biden administration has dismantled our border security apparatus, we have that tsunami pouring over the border. It has gotten so bad that the Department of Homeland Security is begging for volunteers to step up and help:

“Today, I activated the Volunteer Force to support Customs and Border Protection (CBP) as they face a surge in migration along the Southwest Border,” said DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas. The call to action was sent by Mayorkas in an email on March 8 to all employees.

In the email, Mayorkas stated, “you have likely seen the news about the overwhelming numbers of migrants seeking access to his country along the Southwest Border.” He added, “President Biden and I are committed to ensuring our Nation has a safe, orderly, and humane immigration system while continuing to balance all of the other critical DHS missions.”

All this additional help wouldn’t be required if the Leftists had just left President Trump’s border security system alone. However, those running the White House want an open border, which means they have opened Pandora’s box.

It’s gotten so bad that now even Mexico is criticizing the White House’s new immigration policy because it is undermining their nation’s border security as well and is asking Biden for help since he is causing all the problems. From the New York Post:

The Mexican government is concerned that President Biden’s asylum policies are encouraging illegal immigration and providing revenue to drug cartels through human trafficking across the US border.

Mexico has asked the Biden administration for help to provide developmental aid to Central America since many of the migrants come from countries such as Honduras, Nicaragua and Guatemala seeking asylum in the US.

President Trump had a multi-pronged policy that had illegal immigration and the drug and human smuggling cartels under control, but Biden’s handlers had him roll that all back immediately without anything to take their place. As a result, we have a human crisis at the border that is not just harming the US but is also harming Mexico, too. More from the New York Post:

One Mexican official, who requested anonymity, told Reuters the cartels have been using sophisticated smuggling methods “from the day Biden took office,”

Those strategies include keeping migrants up to date on the latest immigration rules, using technology to thwart authorities, and disguising smuggling operations as travel agencies, according to the assessments.

Why did the White House roll all of this back? Because Biden’s “campaign” ran on the argument that President Trump’s immigration policy was inhumane and needed to be fixed. However, they haven’t fixed it. They have exacerbated it ten-fold.

The DHS secretary claimed he and Biden are committed to an orderly and humane immigration policy, but at the border right now the Biden administration has far more kids in cages in detention centers than the Trump administration ever had, and they are being held longer than federal law allows, which is far from humane, according to their own standards:

The Biden Administration shattered a Trump-era record with DHS officials holding 3,200 unaccompanied alien children in custody, CNN reports. The detention of these minors shatters the 2,600 children held at the peak of the 2019 migrant surge. Many are being held beyond the 72-hour limit in facilities designed to hold large groups of adults.

CNN reviewed leaked U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) internal documents dated March 8, showing Border Patrol officials held 3,200 unaccompanied migrant children in their facilities. The agents apprehended the children after they illegally crossed the border without a parent.

The children are being held in jail-like cells that are not designed for children, CNN reported. Border Patrol is unable to release the children to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) due to the overcrowding in Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) long-term shelters. Many are being held long past the 72-hour court-imposed deadline to transfer the children out of Border Patrol custody.

The 3,200 children being held in Border Patrol cells more than doubles the number held less than one week ago, the article states.

This is the very inhumane treatment the Democrats pounded the Trump administration for, and Biden is not just engaging in the same treatment, but he is doubling down on it. Nonetheless, the Dems have yet to say anything in response. Hypocrisy, thy name is Democrat.

President Trump made a public statement about the Left’s border debacle and, in typical Trump style, didn’t mince words:

“When I was President, our Southern border was in great shape — stronger, safer, and more secure than ever before.We ended Catch-and-Release, shut down asylum fraud, and crippled the vicious smugglers, drug dealers, and human traffickers. The wall, despite horrendous Democrat delays, would have easily been finished by now, and is working magnificently. Our country is being destroyed at the Southern border, a terrible thing to see!”

Indeed it is, Mr. President.

CNN: Obesity is responsible for high rates of Covid-19 hospitalizations and deaths

Let’s be honest, it is not a nice thing to say, but it is the truth and sometimes the truth hurts.  According to a report in CNN yesterday , countries with high rates of obesity in their populations, at least 50%, had high numbers of Covid-19 hospitalizations and deaths. In contrast, countries with low rates of obesity, less than 40%, had low levels of Covid-19 hospitalizations and deaths. This pattern appears even when accounting for the age and wealth of the nations’ populations. Here are the details:

The report found that every country where less than 40% of the population was overweight had a low Covid-19 death rate of no more than 10 people per 100,000.
Vietnam had one of the world’s lowest Covid-19 death rates, with 0.04 deaths occurring per 100,000 people. The country’s overweight population comes in at 18.3%. Other countries on the low death rate list with similar patterns include Japan, Thailand and South Korea.
But in countries where more than 50% of the population was overweight, the Covid-19 death rate was much higher — more than 100 per 100,000.
In the US, where 152.49 deaths were recorded per 100,000 people, 67.9% of the adult population is overweight, according to the report.


Well, here we are, one year of living with the economically and psychologically devastating lock downs. We’ve suffered an entire year of our freedom stolen from us, small businesses forced into bankruptcy, deaths of despair because of forced social isolation, and sky rocketing unemployment. And why? Come to find out it wasn’t because “covid deniers” refused to mask up and socially distance, but because  of obese people. And to think, all this time, we could have lived normal lives if we didn’t have so many obese Americans. I don’t like writing that since I have obese friends and family members and no one likes to reading it, but it is the truth. 

So what is the best way to prevent further Covid hospitalizations and deaths going forward? It is not locking down, closing gyms, staying home, and masking up. It is not getting the non-vaccine or carrying around “immunity passports.” It is getting your caboose to the gym, going outside and taking a walk, changing your eating habits to something healthier. In other words: losing weight!

Of course, the “fat is healthy and beautiful” crowd will lose their minds when they hear that obese people are responsible for the high rates of Covid-19 hospitalizations and deaths in the US and other fat-majority nations. We can expect that they will howl that this report is “fat shaming,” that it needs to be buried and the people behind it canceled forever to make sure no one is allowed to think such unacceptable fat shaming thoughts about thin being healthier ever again. But they can not be allowed to succeed in shutting down the truth that being fat is unhealthy.
Obesity has always been a national health problem. It is a main cause of heart attacks, diabetes, high blood pressure, cancers, and other deadly diseases. That is it also responsible for high rates of Covid hospitalizations and deaths should not come as a surprise to anyone, and denying this reality will only kill more people, no matter how many masks they may wear.

Update: The New York Post reports that a gobsmacking 90% of all Covid deaths have taken place in nations with high obesity rates, and that researchers behind this new study now want to prioritize obese people for Covid shots. How is this going to work? Will fat front-line workers in hospitals and doctors’ offices going to get the shot before healthy ones?  Will the obese teachers get the vaccine first while the healthy teachers have to wait? Will younger obese people be prioritized over thinner elderly people? The elderly are at a significant vulnerability, too, but they can’t get younger while the obese can lose weight. 

I supposed prioritizing the obese will stem the problem in the short term, but it will do nothing in the long term. Obesity will still be the main source of many deadly diseases and illnesses and is almost entirely the fault of the individual obese person. Again, no one likes to hear this and I’m not saying it to be cruel because as I said I have friends and family members who are very overweight, but it is the truth.

Kurt Schlichter: the GOP is Not Going to Divide Over Gay Republicans

Kurt Schlichter and I agree on most everything, I think. For example, we support President Trump. We believe the Second Amendment was written to protect the First. We think Twitter sucks. And Ric Grennell is awesome and will be president some day.

Kurt’s most recent article at Townhall is another subject on which we agree completely. He states in no uncertain terms that the Republican party is not going to alienate or marginalize or cancel (or whatever the term is at the moment) gay Republicans just because they’re gay. Here’s the crux of his piece here:

Arbitrarily excluding groups is therefore ridiculous, and the silliness starts with identifying people by groups. Are all gay people the same? No, some are conservative, some liberal, and some don’t care at all about politics. The same with trans people. If you’re trans and a conservative, you’re welcome in the GOP. If you are trans and support the whole erasure of womanhood agenda, we are probably not the party for you. This is also true if you are cisgender and support the whole erasure of the womanhood agenda. And it is also true if you use terms like “cisgender” unironically.

The GOP is always going to split on these social issues. It’s the party where the people who still oppose gay marriage will go, but that’s not to say it can’t also have people who do support gay marriage. In fact, the main response to the gay marriage issue for the GOP base in 2021 is to put it at about #9,001 on the priority list. We have a desiccated old weirdo in the White House drooling as he watches the damn commies run rampant wrecking everything good about America and selling us out to the Chi Coms, and the last thing we are interested in is if Ted Cruz attends Jim and John’s destination wedding in Cancun.

Democrats, leftists, progressives, in essence America haters, in Washington want to tear down the United States of America and replace it with a collectivist, everyone is equal in their poverty and misery (except for themselves of course) hellhole. The fastest way to do that is to balkanize the Republican party by pitting people against each other. We aren’t going to fall for it.

Republicans don’t buy into the identity politics of the Democrat party that categorizes people based upon race, gender, sex, ethnicity, religion, etc., and then ranks them from most important to least important based upon those categories.

The Republican party is the party of Americans who just want to live free from government interference. It’s the party of the Bill of Rights, freedom, patriotism, capitalism, peace through strength, and individual liberty. Everyone who agrees with these ideas is welcome in the GOP, no matter what race, gender, sex, ethnicity, or religion.

Do you believe we should put the needs and concerns of the American people before those of the rest of the world? Welcome aboard!

Do you believe in the Bill of Rights as they are written, Second Amendment and all? Come on in!

Do you believe America is the greatest country in the history of the world, even though our nation made terrible mistakes in the past that we have worked to correct? Pull up a chair!

The Republican party will accept everyone who agrees with these tenets of freedom, patriotism, the Bill of Rights, and capitalism. These ideas are winning ideas for the Republican party that benefit every American of every background, which is why there is a concerted effort to undermine it. Don’t buy into it.