Democrats Take Steps to Unseat Republican Winner and Install Democrat Loser in Contested Election

When President Trump contested his November 3rd losses in various states because of election fraud, courts refused to hear his cases. It is clear the courts don’t want to get involved in what they have decided is a political matter, no matter that election laws and the Constitution have been violated. 

President Trump appealed his cases all the way to the Supreme Court, because, of course, a precedent should be set that outlines that all states must follow the Constitution when creating their election laws, which means only the state legislatures have the constitutional authority to write election law. That is what we all hoped would happen, right? That the SCOTUS would hear these cases, see that the executive branches of these states overstepped their authority and interfered in what is clearly only the legislatures’ purview and rule that the changes to those states’ election laws were unconstitutional. But that is not what happened. 

Instead, the Supreme Court of the United States played games that will only further undermine voter confidence in our elections . They refused to hear the cases because they are now moot. Amazing isn’t it? Law suits challenging election laws before elections get tossed on the grounds that the petitioners have no standing because the election hasn’t taken place so there is no injury. Then they get tossed after elections because now that the election is over, they are moot.

This decision by SCOTUS has essentially given Democrats in state executive offices under their control the license to change election laws passed by state legislatures to fit their needs because, no matter how unconstitutional those changes may be, the courts have signaled that they will not step in.

In other words, banana republic, here we come. 

If you think I am over reacting, you would be wrong because it’s clear the House Democrats have gotten the message that election laws and process are political and not legal.

Get this. We have just learned that the Democrat controlled House of Representatives has taken the first steps in a process to oust the duly elected Republican winner of an Iowa house race and seat the Democrat loser instead: 

From The Blaze:

Rep. Mariannette Miller-Meeks (R) was declared the winner of Iowa’s second congressional district over Democratic challenger Rita Hart last November by just six votes — 196,964 to 196,958.

After Iowa certified Miller-Meeks’ win, Hart appealed to the House by filing a Notice of Contest. Hart’s campaign alleged that “the Miller-Meeks campaign has sought to keep legitimate votes from being counted — pushing to disqualify and limit the number of Iowans whose votes are counted,” the Iowa City Press-Citizen reported.

Hart claims there are 22 “legally-cast, uncounted votes” from her election — and, of course, she alleges that if those votes are counted, she would be the rightful winner of the contest.

Lawyers for Hart’s campaign allege the Democrat would have won the race by just nine votes had the 22 votes not been excluded.

The House Administration Committee gathered last Friday to establish the process by which Hart’s claims will be adjudicated.

Politico reported, “The Friday meeting was brief. Members unanimously agreed to a resolution that establishes procedures the committee will abide by as it considers recent elections contested under the act.”

Miller-Meeks has asked the committee to dismiss Hart’s claims, but Friday’s action indicates the committee is taking the claims seriously. Formally rejecting Miller-Meeks’ request would begin an investigative process that could result in Miller-Meeks losing her seat if Hart’s claims are confirmed.

Can you believe this? This election took place on November 3rd in Iowa and the results were certified in Iowa. The Democrat, however, has contested the results, but she doesn’t want her objections adjudicated in Iowa courts. Rather, she has taken her objections to the House of Representatives in Washington DC, controlled by hyper-partisan Democrats who have a vested interest in increasing their very slim majority, and has asked them to decide who won. As the Blaze reports above, the Democrats unanimously agreed to begin the process of investigating the results of the election. I don’t think any reasonable person would argue the Democrats will conduct an honest investigation that will provide objective results. I mean, seriously, look at the extremes to which the Democrats went to impeach President Trump on blatantly false charges – twice. 

Will the Democrats succeed? I wouldn’t me surprised if they do. The Democrats play to the death and the Republicans fold at the first application of pressure. 

This is an unprecedented action by a political body to overturn the results of a certified congressional election. Track this process carefully. If the Democrats succeed and are able to unseat the Republican winner and install the Democrat loser, you can take it to the bank that the Democrats, should they maintain their majority in 2022, will use this process for all the contested elections their candidates lose. 

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