I’m out of Coke Zero

I’m out of Coke Zero but I’m not sure I want to buy any more, not after seeing that Coca Cola has implemented a new corporate indoctrination program that demands its employees stop being so damned white. No, Coke is not telling its white employees to don black face. Rather, it appears the company is saying to be white is to be a white supremacist by default so all white employees need to be less white STAT. 

A whistleblower at Coke leaked images from the “training” (read: indoctrination) sessions that Karlyn Borysenko published on Gab. Take a look at these images: 

I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything so racist in my life. To be white is to be oppressive, defensive, arrogant, and ignorant? Every single white person on the face of the planet? According to whom? How ridiculous that someone expects white people the world over to nod and accept without question or pushback the idea that because they’re white they must be all the horrible things on the list above. It’s offensive. 

Coca Cola has come out and confirmed that, yes, they are indoctrinating their employees: 

Kyle Becker reports that Robin DiAngelo is behind the racist training: 

The LinkedIn Learning class, called “Confronting Racism, with Robin DiAngelo,” is administered online. DiAngelo, who has become famous for her infamous book “White Fragility,” has become somewhat of a celebrity by holding corporate struggle sessions on critical race theory. This has entailed charging up to $40,000 for half-day indoctrination courses to lecture audiences on the imagined perils of “whiteness” and “white fragility.

Imagine a campaign that tells people to be less black. The outrage would be massive and immediate, and appropriately so. But telling people to be less white is not only accepted but it’s promoted by a growing number of American corporations. 

No thanks. I refuse to live in the frame of Leftists (what other ideology could it possibly be?) who hate people simply because of their skin color. I’m also less inclined to buy the products of companies that promote such racial hatred and division. 

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