Kurt Schlichter: the GOP is Not Going to Divide Over Gay Republicans

Kurt Schlichter and I agree on most everything, I think. For example, we support President Trump. We believe the Second Amendment was written to protect the First. We think Twitter sucks. And Ric Grennell is awesome and will be president some day.

Kurt’s most recent article at Townhall is another subject on which we agree completely. He states in no uncertain terms that the Republican party is not going to alienate or marginalize or cancel (or whatever the term is at the moment) gay Republicans just because they’re gay. Here’s the crux of his piece here:

Arbitrarily excluding groups is therefore ridiculous, and the silliness starts with identifying people by groups. Are all gay people the same? No, some are conservative, some liberal, and some don’t care at all about politics. The same with trans people. If you’re trans and a conservative, you’re welcome in the GOP. If you are trans and support the whole erasure of womanhood agenda, we are probably not the party for you. This is also true if you are cisgender and support the whole erasure of the womanhood agenda. And it is also true if you use terms like “cisgender” unironically.

The GOP is always going to split on these social issues. It’s the party where the people who still oppose gay marriage will go, but that’s not to say it can’t also have people who do support gay marriage. In fact, the main response to the gay marriage issue for the GOP base in 2021 is to put it at about #9,001 on the priority list. We have a desiccated old weirdo in the White House drooling as he watches the damn commies run rampant wrecking everything good about America and selling us out to the Chi Coms, and the last thing we are interested in is if Ted Cruz attends Jim and John’s destination wedding in Cancun.

Democrats, leftists, progressives, in essence America haters, in Washington want to tear down the United States of America and replace it with a collectivist, everyone is equal in their poverty and misery (except for themselves of course) hellhole. The fastest way to do that is to balkanize the Republican party by pitting people against each other. We aren’t going to fall for it.

Republicans don’t buy into the identity politics of the Democrat party that categorizes people based upon race, gender, sex, ethnicity, religion, etc., and then ranks them from most important to least important based upon those categories.

The Republican party is the party of Americans who just want to live free from government interference. It’s the party of the Bill of Rights, freedom, patriotism, capitalism, peace through strength, and individual liberty. Everyone who agrees with these ideas is welcome in the GOP, no matter what race, gender, sex, ethnicity, or religion.

Do you believe we should put the needs and concerns of the American people before those of the rest of the world? Welcome aboard!

Do you believe in the Bill of Rights as they are written, Second Amendment and all? Come on in!

Do you believe America is the greatest country in the history of the world, even though our nation made terrible mistakes in the past that we have worked to correct? Pull up a chair!

The Republican party will accept everyone who agrees with these tenets of freedom, patriotism, the Bill of Rights, and capitalism. These ideas are winning ideas for the Republican party that benefit every American of every background, which is why there is a concerted effort to undermine it. Don’t buy into it.

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