Trump hating radical Islamist murders Americans in Boulder

From the moment the news hit that there was an active killer at a Boulder, Colorado grocery store, Democrats and media hit Twitter to declare it was a white male Trump supporter who had done it. They didn’t have any evidence of that, just their own racism and prejudice toward white Trump supporters.

Well, let’s just say they were as wrong as wrong could be.

The murderer was a Trump hating, Biden supporting radical Islamist:


If you have access to Twitter, I suggest you read Caleb Hull’s thread of all the blue check leftists declaring that the shooter was a Trump supporting, white supremacist man. It’s a real doozy.

Leftist Democrats project their sins onto their political enemies. They call conservatives racists and domestic terrorists to deflect because that’s who they are.  They organize all of society into boxes based upon race. Their reaction to the Boulder shooting is just one more example of it.

So, how is it could another Islamic terrorist incident have happened? As per usual, the FBI knew who this guy was and, just like all the other times, did nothing. Once again, the federal government failed the American people. The best source for updates on what the government knew about the killer and when they knew it is in Jack Posobiec’s twitter feed. His contacts are amazing.

On top of all that, Ahmad Al-Issa came over from Syria through the Obama/Biden asylum program ( just like the Boston bombers, but they were from Kyrgyzstan), and apparently was radicalized over here. Be sure to listen to Raheem Kassam’s podcast from earlier today in which he asks “Did the media radicalize Ahmad Al-Issa?

For months, all we’ve heard from the Biden administration, the FBI, DOD, DHS, and media is that the gravest threat to the American people are racist right wing extremists, which is their definition of Trump supporters. Is it any surprise they missed the homicidal Trump hater?

Al-Issa’s family is trying to say it wasn’t his fault by claiming he has mental health issues. But get this nugget:


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